2016 Community Impact Awards Gala

2016 Community Impact Awards Gala

March 2, 2016

Last week, representatives from Mytech attended the Minnesota Business magazine’s Community Impact Awards Gala as a finalist in the Professional Services category for providing pro-bono services to nonprofits. We want to take this opportunity to share with you what we do to impact our local nonprofit communities, and how it impacts us as a company.

Mytech was founded on the belief that we need to be part of, and give back to, the community in which we work and thrive. We have decided that we can make a bigger impact by providing pro-bono services to selected organizations rather than discounting our services for all nonprofits. At a high level, pro-bono clients are chosen based on the mission they serve and that not having effective technology prevents the organization from fulfilling their mission. As we have grown we have run across organizations where those two components are aligned, which has made for a great fit for Mytech to donate our services to help a non-profit be better equipped to focus on their mission. We currently serve 6 pro-bono clients – a commitment that touches all departments in our company.

At the end of 2015, we were able to host a Network Makeover contest to award hardware and a year of services to a worthy company in Minnesota (not necessarily nonprofit; however, our winner happened to be one). This gave us the opportunity to connect with many more great organizations making a difference in our community. This contest also allowed us to work with other members of our community to collaborate, award the winner a great prize, and share our passion for giving back to the community with other organizations.

We believe that giving back is part of the Mytech culture that attracts and retains employees who desire to do more than just work 40 hours/week. Our staff want to feel part of an organization that is community minded, and is willing to provide paid time off to volunteer in addition to participating in the pro-bono services we deliver. We hope that through these community and volunteer initiatives that Mytech has lead by example and demonstrated that giving back to our world is a worthy endeavor. Mytech has benefitted by attracting and retaining staff who are aligned with a spirit of giving as well as fostering stronger bonds with our customers who know that we give back. Mytech employees have benefitted by being exposed to great organizations that truly make a difference in our community.

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