Mytech Culture Experience February 2012

Mytech's January newsletter included our first edition of the Mytech Culture Experience. This section of our newsletter will be a regular column where we discuss what these values mean to Mytech and work to illustrate our thoughts by giving examples from our daily work and personal lives. Last month we covered at a high level the process that Mytech as an organization went through from the beginning of 2011 culminating in December with the formal announcement of the definition of the core values that we felt embodied who we are and what we should always strive to be. It just so happened that the final number of values determined by our culture committee was twelve – which works out really well - so we can highlight one value and recognize a Mytech staff member that emulates that value through this column every month. This month the Mytech value that we would like to share with you is: "Provide more value than we receive in payment"

When the Mytech Culture Committee presented the values to the leadership team and ownership of Mytech I was very impressed at the reasons why this particular value was chosen and that this value was deliberately identified as the number one position among the rest of our values. Not that this value is more important than the others, however they all agreed that this value should be first because the value of Provide more value than we receive in payment is the only value in our list that explicitly states that we are a business and that our business is to provide value to our customers who pay for our services. For those of you who were not able to read last month's newsletter I would like to point out a detail that I feel is important to reiterate here – the Mytech Culture Committee (comprised of non-owners) synthesized the input and feedback from the Mytech team and they all felt very strongly that this value needed to be first. It is difficult to express how impressed I am with our entire team that they were able to complete this task with such excellence but I want to publicly note that I am very fortunate to work with such intelligent, talented, fantastic people!

Let us now take a few moments to explore the genesis of where the concept of this month's value Provide more value than we receive in payment ever entered the culture of Mytech. The book titled "The Go-Giver" by Bob Burg tells a parable that highlights several basic principles to live by if you want to be a "go-giver." One of those principles is to provide more in value than you receive in payment. When Lyf Wildenberg – Mytech's President read those words he knew that this was something that we always needed to keep in mind and to continually strive to deliver. We know that we do not do this all the time and that we are not perfect, however we keep these words in front of our team to remind us that providing value is one of our core values. And for those of you who have not had the opportunity to read "The Go-Giver" I would highly recommend it.

Finally, I would like to share a story about one of Mytech's engineers that does a great job of delivering on Mytech's value of Provide more value than we receive in payment – Bob Steege. Bob is fantastic! He is always in a good mood, greets everyone with a smile and if you need him to be somewhere at 8:01 AM, he is walking in the door at 8:01 am or earlier. In January we were working with a new customer who just completed a conversion to new infrastructure – the systems were new, the relationship with Mytech was new and we are both going through the adjustments necessary to smooth out the bumps technology transitions can cause. At some point shortly after the conversion, one of the locations had expressed that they were so used to having problems with their old system that they stopped reporting problems. Bob was working with this location that particular day in January and took the opportunity to communicate to those individuals that Mytech does want to hear about any and all problems they are experiencing and made sure that they know how to contact us by phone or email for urgent or not urgent items respectively. I want to thank Bob for taking great care of this customer and finding an opportunity to do more than what the task at hand required which is a great example of delivering on Mytech's value of Provide more value than we receive in payment. Bob, on behalf of Mytech, thank you and great job!

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