Mytech Culture Experience March 2012

This month we would like to highlight our value of "Make decisions with our honor and integrity intact" by reflecting on one of the Mytech team who exemplifies this value every day – Jason Rood. Let me begin by telling you a little about Jason and how he lives this Mytech value. At first glance it may seem that this value just means to be honest and truthful, however we at Mytech feel that it means much more and Jason does a great job to live that every day. Jason always sticks up for what is right and fair, whether he is working with one of our customers, vendor partners or another Mytech staff. The other significant component of this value I believe Jason lives is that he exhibits this behavior regardless of whether anyone else is watching or listening. As one of Mytech's Project Managers this is an important characteristic as Jason works very independently, however collaborates directly with all Mytech staff, our customers and our vendor partners. Thank you Jason Rood for giving Mytech such a great example of Make decisions with our honor and integrity intact!

This value also presents another component of how we choose to live our daily lives with honor and integrity. This value means having a genuine appreciation and respect for others and to be consistent with your actions and having the internal fortitude to choose the right path regardless of whether that decision is popular or more difficult. To be fair, have a moral compass that enables you to have a clean conscious and to use a cliché - to sleep better at night. Over the years, with all of the relationships that have been and are part of where Mytech is today, there have been thousands of decisions that have been made behind the scenes and in closed door sessions where no one would know any different - other than the people making those decisions - whether or not we were honoring the relationships by making the right choice, the fair choice independent of whether that choice is popular or difficult. I have been in those rooms and part of those decisions and while I personally have not been part of every decision and every closed door session, I can say that Mytech chooses to do what is fair and what is right for our customers. Those decisions sometimes mean that we have to credit some dollars on an invoice in order to be fair to our customer, those decisions sometimes mean that we have to spend many more hours on a project (at Mytech's cost) to make sure that it is done right and sets us and our customers up for success in the future.

Finally, I want to acknowledge Mytech's Culture Committee and the rest of our staff who participated in our value defining exorcises last year and chose to add this value to our list. I hope that they chose to include this value for two reasons: 1) because they feel that this is the kind of company we want to be and the kind of people we want to have work with us and 2) because they also felt that Mytech already exhibits these values and through recognition of that we had to include this in our list to Make decisions with our honor and integrity intact. Mytech would also like to thank you for the honor of reading this article and you can trust that there will be more to come in the April edition of the Mytech Culture Experience.

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