Mytech Culture Experience April 2012

This month we would like to reflect on our March value of "Innovate through creativity" by highlighting one of the Mytech team, who exemplifies this value every day – Philip Hult. Let me begin by telling you a little about Philip who is also one of the founders and owners of Mytech and how he demonstrates through action this Mytech value. This value sits at the core of what we do and who we are. Our customers and prospects come to Mytech to solve their respective business and technology related problems and it is our job to understand those problems and identify technology solutions that will meet or exceed business requirements – this is where Philip comes in. Nearly every day the Mytech Business Development, Engineering and Project Management team are coming to Philip with a myriad of different challenges that our customers are facing and we expect him to give us the technology answers. Granted part of Philip's position is to engineer our projects and technical solutions, however he has to continually seek to understand the different business requirements, unique applications, specific budget constraints and filter through the endless technology options that are available to identify the solutions that Mytech can confidently recommend to our customers. Philip has an incredibly unique ability to gather all of the pertinent information together, translate that content into technical solutions and be able to articulate those solutions in a manner that everyone can understand. In my years of experience in this industry I have worked with hundreds of engineers and Philip is absolutely a diamond in the rough and one of, if not the best at being able to "innovate through creativity." I am thankful to have the privilege of working with Philip as part of the Mytech team.

Innovate through creativity is one of our values that very closely aligns with Mytech Partners, Inc.'s mission: To create success through a visionary approach to IT. Over the years we have learned that part of our DNA here at Mytech is that we always look to make recommendations and decisions today that are aligned with a vision of the future. We want to "create success" with all those with whom we come in contact and is by no means specific to Mytech. We deliberately chose those words so that creating success applies to our customer partners, community partners, our vendor partners and the staff who choose to partner with Mytech every day in the execution of our mission. While Mytech is in the business of information technology (IT) – which is also deliberately stated in our mission – we are here to serve people, people who work for companies, people who labor and volunteer in the community and people who work with our vendors. While everyone has their own vision and definition of success, it is the very intersection of our lives that affords us the opportunity and one could argue the obligation to work together to enable individual and collective success. While this can definitely pose a challenge as competing visions and definitions of success exist, the more we can work together and innovate through creativity to solve the challenges we face the better off we will be.

Stay tuned for the Mytech Culture Experience column in our May newsletter where we will be reflecting our value of "Communicate directly and openly."

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