Mytech Culture Experience May 2012

This month we would like to reflect on our April value of "Communicate directly and openly" by highlighting one of our Mytech team members who exemplifies this value every day – James Motz. Many of you reading this article do not get the opportunity to work with James as he is on the Managed Services Team working behind the scenes. Additionally, James is typically in charge of leading our Emergency Response Communication. I hope that when you hear from James it is not because you are working through an emergency, but if you do you are in extremely capable hands. James has a unique way of grabbing hold of a situation, listening to all parties, documenting what needs to happen and then coordinate AND communicate to everyone involved until the problem is resolved. James is also great at stepping up and making sure that if he recognizes an opportunity to clarify or add value to communication he is proactive about taking that initiative. On behalf of Mytech, thanks James for being awesome!

Communicate directly and openly applies to how our organization desires to communicate internally as well as to how we communicate to our customers, prospects, vendor partners and peers. We want to be direct when we tell people if they are doing a good job and we want to be direct when we are coaching for improvement. Communication with our customer's and prospective customers needs to be open too so that we can understand the business objectives clearly, identify opportunities and make the correct recommendations based on those objectives. Without direct and open communication we believe relationships are more difficult to maintain and the ability to understand each other is clouded. We also feel that the ability to get to the bottom of a situation can be made nearly impossible if the people involved cannot be open and direct. We also agree that there is communication that has to be kept private and confidential and there are reasons to always respect that privacy. However, outside of those instances, we strive to communicate directly and openly in everything we do and invite you to let us know if you do not feel anyone from Mytech is not communicating in that fashion. We also invite you to participate in Communicating directly and openly with us and we can mutually benefit by continually working to improve our understanding, relationships and business partnerships.

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