Mytech Culture Experience June 2012

This month we would like to reflect on our May value of "Practice both Confidence and Humility" by highlighting one of our Mytech team members who exemplifies this value every day – Jeremiah Jary. Jeremiah started with Mytech a little over two years ago when we started up our TeleSales department. It became clear early on that Jeremiah was a natural leader and is great with people. Shortly thereafter Jeremiah was in the position to lead the TeleSales team and operate the department as a separate unit. The TeleSales team under Jeremiah's leadership also evolved to serve some of our peers in other geographic markets and he was responsible for serving as the project/account manager for those customers too. Through this entire process over the last couple years Jeremiah faced each new challenge with confidence. He was able to take direction, continue to drive the process and execute on the leadership and customer relationship functions with great success. With each new challenge met and every obstacle overcome, Jeremiah maintained his friendly, charismatic and humble attitude around the office. The TeleSales department is situated in the back of Mytech's office near our kitchen and break lounge, so if you stop by Jeremiah may be hard to find. But if you catch him over his lunch break you may see him participating in Bocce Ball out in the field next to our office or bringing a smile to another Mytech co-worker by just being himself - enthusiastic and friendly. On another note, we are also excited that Jeremiah has chosen to continue his leadership in our organization by moving into one of our additional Depot positions where he will be challenged again with a new position. On behalf of Mytech, we are looking forward to the confidence and humility that Jeremiah will bring to this new position and the positive impact he will have on all who have the privilege of working with him. Thank you for doing a great job and being a fantastic person!

For those of you who have followed this column since the January edition of the Mytech Culture experience you are aware that our Culture Committee - established last year – defined all of our values through a process of engaging all of the Mytech staff over several months. When this value was presented as one of the twelve to be included in Mytech's value system, I was very impressed with the keen insight it must have taken for the Committee to come to that conclusion. The reason I was impressed is because what does "Practice both Confidence and Humility" have to do with delivering technical services? At first glance maybe not much, however I believe that this particular value is one of the most critical as it pertains to the relationships that we build at Mytech. Without relationships with our co-workers, with our customers (and prospective customers), our vendor partners (distributors, software providers and manufacturers), our advisors (Accountants, Bankers, Attorneys and Insurance providers) etc. our business would not function. Over the years of working with the different parties named above, reading business books and working to learn from mentors and coaches it has become apparent to me that Relationships are the key to it all. Mytech is in the business of serving people – we just happen to be in the technology industry. People use technology, people serve people and without people like Jeremiah everything we do is more difficult, if not impossible. By practicing both confidence AND humility we can foster better relationships. We need to instil trust that we know what we are doing and at the same time be able to admit if we are wrong or made a mistake. We have all had encounters with individuals with boundless confidence, however who also demonstrated that they were boastful, self-absorbed or would never admit wrong doing or mistakes. Humility is needed to balance confidence so that we can be aware of the people with whom we are affecting and can recognize, admit and rectify an error. One of the ways in which Mytech has worked to demonstrate this value with our customers over the years is through our project scoping/quoting process. We have always strived to provide fixed bid pricing to our customers for project implementation in an effort to demonstrate the confidence we have in our solution design and the corresponding expertise of our staff in delivering the project. When our organization stands behind a proposal and chooses to guarantee our work (which we do), we need to have confidence in the details of the project that are being delivered. We also look at ourselves through humble glasses on every project to make sure that we find the areas where we did not execute as well as we know we can, or where a mistake was made that we need to rectify – after all, we guarantee the work. Please understand that we are not perfect at this process and we are continually looking to improve our relationships, our process and our service to our customers. However as long as our organization continues to Practice both Confidence and Humility, I believe that we will always be moving in the right direction.

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