Mytech Culture Experience December 2012

This month we would like to reflect on our November value of “Embrace Uniqueness” by highlighting one of our Mytech team members who exemplifies this value every day – Cory MacDonald. For the first time this year Mytech had a team of individuals who participated in the Prostate Cancer Awareness campaign that is called Movember ( or Mytech’s subpage While we never intended that Movember would be the same month that we highlight our Embrace Uniqueness value, there must have been some cosmic alignment or just an incredibly appropriate coincidence! This entire month whenever guests would come visit our office we made sure to communicate that this is not some eerie culture where most of the men of the office choose to grow mustaches in an attempt to live up to the ultimate Tom Selleck ‘stache; we are just raising awareness for Prostate Cancer and Men’s Health. This absolutely required everyone adhering to our November value, no matter how difficult. Cory, in true Embrace Uniqueness fashion was unofficially voted as having the best Movember mustache in the office and even as these words are being written (in early December), he is still donning the best Mytech Mo!

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else”
- Judy Garland

Cory MacDonald is just that – a first rate version of himself! Cory is part of our Remote Service Team and my office is within ear shot of where Cory sits and I can tell that he is confident and comfortable with his position and it comes across with every customer he serves. Cory was also recognized in our monthly all company meeting because of his excellent performance. That performance was reinforced by a couple customers complimenting him and his ability to solve their problems with great attention to detail and care. Another great aspect about Cory is that he is consistent – it seems that on every call he has the most patient, calm nature and works to ensure every last detail is wrapped up before closing the support ticket. Cory is also relatively new to our organization (within the last year) and he has immediately exemplified the value of Embrace Uniqueness by working with others, being true to his skill and personality - which is exactly what we are hoping to find in all of our staff at Mytech! We want to embrace the uniqueness in everyone that is part of the team so that together, collectively, we will all be better people, engineers, colleagues and friends. We are excited to have Cory on our team and on behalf of Mytech thank you for being a guardian of our values and a leader amongst our organization!

“What you are will show in what you do.” - Thomas Edison The first Friday afternoon of October 2012, Mytech scheduled an expert to come to our office and teach us about how to “Make a Difference” which is a book by Dr. Larry Little ( Mytech felt (and still feels) that our value of Embrace Uniqueness is so important that we wanted to invest an entire afternoon for all of our staff to be trained on how to better understand each other and how we can improve our communication to make a difference. Dr. Little has taken a slightly different spin on personality characteristics and communicated them in a way that I have experienced enables easier retention and application of the content. For example, he characterizes four primary personality traits in a way that you can visualize: Leading Lion, Much Loved Monkey, Competent Camel and Tranquil Turtle. While I do not intend to go into all of the details of the four hour training session that Mytech staff completed I can tell you that the exorcises that everyone was led through to understand their own and other personality traits was an incredibly eye opening experience. Most of our staff came away with a greater appreciation of their fellow colleagues and we still use the Lion, Camel, Monkey, Turtle language in our daily conversation. In addition to learning how to better interact with each other, we were able to put into perspective that in order to run an effective organization – it takes ALL types of personalities! There are certain tasks that a Competent Camel will more inclined to execute better than a Much Loved Monkey, and that a Tranquil Turtle will have certain insight into a situation better than a Leading Lion etc. Understanding those traits, what makes people tick, how communication can be improved and that it takes a balanced combination of all personality characteristics to run an organization has enabled everyone at Mytech to truly Embrace Uniqueness.

One of the ways that we are working to reinforce the education we received is that we all went through a process to learn our respective dominant character(s). My animal character traits according to Dr. Little’s book are: Leading Lion as the primary dominant trait and then my secondary trait is Competent Camel. We had everyone in the organization go through this process to identify their primary dominant trait and we purchased little stuffed animals – Monkeys, Turtles, Camels and Lions for people to have at their desk as a reminder to the entire organization about their own dominant trait and to remember the dominant traits of others every time you go to their respective desks. Mytech also uses the Microsoft Lync – which is an instant messaging, video conferencing, desktop sharing tool – and you are able to have a short message that is associated with your Lync profile. There are some of us in the office (including myself) that use this space to note their animal traits – so mine says Lion/Camel. Anytime someone in the organization – or even those outside of Mytech using Lync - connects with me they will see that I am a Lion/Camel. Whomever may come across that information would know what that means if they had either read ”Make a Difference” or been through a training session by The Enrichment Center. This education has absolutely helped Mytech Embrace Uniqueness by raising our awareness of the individual characteristics that make up our team and how to make a difference in each others lives.

If you have not had the opportunity to stop by Mytech’s office in the last 6 – 12 months, I would encourage you to drop in and say hi or when the next meeting comes up for you to have it at our office so that you can see our “Culture Board.” Every month we highlight one of Mytech’s values and notes, pictures and quotations are written on the board that are relevant and help us reinforce the respective monthly value. The quotations below are all interesting or fun and they all Embrace Uniqueness!

“Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself.”
- Bill Gates
“You’re only given a little spark of Madness. You mustn’t lose it!”
- Robin Williams
“I am not strange. I am just not normal.”
- Salvador Dali
“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
- Dr. Suess

Thank you for taking the time to read about a fantastic Mytech team member – Cory MacDonald and for participating in part of the Mytech Culture Experience. I invite you to please join the team here at Mytech on our Culture Experience, so that together we can work to “Embrace Uniqueness.”

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