Mytech Culture Experience October 2013

This month we would like to reflect on our September value of "Never Stop Learning" by highlighting one of our Mytech team members who exemplifies this value every day – Jerel Howland. Jerel came to Mytech when Synergy Services joined our team back in April of this year and we are incredibly fortunate to have such a fantastic individual! Jerel had worked with Synergy for over a decade and as we have come to learn is one of the most brilliant engineers on the planet. Even though Jerel is an extremely intelligent person he continually embraces growing his knowledge and for that we want to thank him for epitomizing the value of Never Stop Learning.

"The wisest mind has something yet to learn."
– George Santayana

One of the ways that Jerel demonstrates the value of Never Stop Learning is that he never stops coaching and teaching either. All of us have been in the position at some point in life to help teach or coach someone and if you reflect on any of those moments you will realize that YOUR knowledge expanded when you had to help another. I and countless others at Mytech have been the fortunate recipient of such coaching from Jerel and we all have been lifted up through the experience to a greater level of understanding. For the Mytechians reading this take a moment to thank Jerel; for everyone else, please thank a teacher or coach for embracing the value of Never Stop Learning and imparting some of that knowledge to make the world a better place.

"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel."
- Socrates

Consider for a moment this article... Unless you chose to print these words before reading them, the entire creation, publication and distribution of this article is digital. When I was going to school (Jr. High to be specific) I took a typing class not a word processing class – which probably applies to many of you reading this today. The very fact that you have learned to leverage technology for even the simplest of tasks like reading an article is an example of how our world has changed and will continue to change in the future. Which means for all of us individually, for all of the respective jobs we hold and for the businesses we patronize – we all need to embrace the value of Never Stop Learning or we choose the path of inevitable obsolescence.

"Once you stop learning, you start dying."
- Albert Einstein

The industry of technology and how it applies to our respective lives presents infinite opportunities for all of us to Never Stop Learning. Every active business that we have had the pleasure of meeting leverages technology to aid in the delivery of their respective product or service. As time marches on, new competitors join the marketplace and new technologies become available, we all must adapt to maintain relevance. A core component of the methodology that we leverage through our customer engagements is the IT Information Library (ITIL v3) Continual Service Improvement framework. There are many other models available such as the Deming model that was used by Japan after World War II – Plan, Do, Check, Act. All of these models are based on learning and continually adapting, which can help individuals and businesses alike to take advantage of the possibilities change will bring.

"If you never stop learning, you will never stop seeing the possibilities."
- Evan Carmichael

Thank you for taking the time to read about a fantastic Mytech team member – Jerel Howland and for participating in part of the Mytech Culture Experience. I invite you to please join the team here at Mytech on our Culture Experience, so that together we can work to "Never Stop Learning."

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