Mytech Culture Experience November 2014

This month we'd like to reflect on our October value of "Reject Mediocrity" by spotlighting one of our Lead Project Engineers who demonstrates this value on a daily basis – Kellen Lagoon. Kellen has been with us for almost 4 years and is now a member of our projects team and a lead project engineer.

As a Project Manager, I often get most of the recognition for successful projects because I work closely with customers to review, plan, schedule, and close their projects. However, Kellen works tirelessly in the background to review, plan, build, execute and close those projects successfully. I can truly say that, without Kellen's commitment to excellence, his projects would not be as successful as they are.

"Mediocrity will NEVER do. You are capable of something better."
- Gordon B. Hinckley

Kellen's ability to accurately plan, successfully execute and effortlessly provide world-class technical support and follow-up is an example of someone who provides excellent service and ultimately customer satisfaction. Kellen leads by example and demonstrates the values that we all strive for here at Mytech. Not only does he do this for his own projects, but he also assists the support team with escalated, on-site dispatch tickets and is always willing to jump in and help out whenever he sees a need whether it's a customer move or something in-house that we need help with.

"Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius."
- Arthur Conan Doyle

It is not easy to find someone who will go the extra mile for customers, but Kellen does it without giving it a second thought. He does what it takes to make sure the customer is satisfied. Clearly for Kellen it's NOT okay to just successfully execute a project but rather to go the extra mile and provide more value than we receive in payment (another Mytech core value).

"Idleness is FATAL only to the mediocre."
- Albert Camus

Those of you who have read this article over the years know that our values speak to who we are as an organization and as individuals. Our mission, vision and values demonstrate our never ending pursuit of delivering happiness and improving our customer's overall experience - not just with IT projects but all of the services we provide.

"Mediocrity doesn't mean average intelligence, it means intelligence that resents and envies its betters."
- Ayn Rand

As an IT services organization, we work with and support many small and medium-sized businesses. When we as individuals (and as a team) reject mediocrity, we can be proud of a job well done and that reflects in our customer satisfaction level. We find our own happiness in the satisfaction of our customers.

Thank you for taking time to read about one of the many superstars on the Mytech team – Kellen Lagoon – and for participating in the Mytech Culture Experience. I encourage you to provide us with feedback so that we never lose sight of what really matters - our customer's happiness.

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