Mytech Culture Experience December 2014

If you are a regular reader of the Mytech newsletter, then you already know that every month we highlight one of our twelve values, as well as a person that truly highlights that value. We do our best to embrace these values because they can be applied to life in general and they serve to create a fun and healthy workplace. In fact, almost all of our values really are not specific to work and I encourage everyone to look at them as tidbits of good advice, not just a roadmap to Mytech culture.

  • Provide more value than we receive in payment
  • Embrace uniqueness
  • Make decisions with our honor and integrity intact
  • Care and share
  • Innovate through creativity
  • Reject mediocrity
  • Communicate directly and openly
  • Never stop learning
  • Practice both confidence and humility
  • Foster a culture of praise
  • Set the next person up for success
  • Create fun and a little weirdness

November is the month to highlight our value of Embracing Uniqueness, and the object of my attention this month does just that. A quick walk around the Help Desk and his desk will surely catch your eye. There are stuffed animals scattered throughout the building, but the lion’s share lies right here with Ben Struble. They’re cats...all cats...and I don’t like cats. However, I do like Ben. I’ve been getting to know him more the past few weeks and I’m quite entertained.  

In January, 2014, Ben joined our team and has been rocking the help desk in his own way since. Until I moved into a different role, my desk was right across the way from his and I could overhear his conversations with customers daily. What sticks out in my mind the most about him were the regular celebrations. Countless times every day I would hear him celebrating with our clients as he worked to solve all kinds of technical issues. At first I just shook my head, but now that I’ve gotten to know Ben a little better, I can’t imagine it any other way. He’s definitely not a ‘have a nice day’ and then hang up kind of guy, he’s a ‘celebrate every victory’ kind of guy. When you get Ben Struble on the phone, you don’t just get a conversation, you get his own brand of flair.

Ben hails from St. Paul and has a wide variety of work experience and interests. Who knew we had a former baker on the help desk? A former baker with roughly a hundred stuffed animals that wears ninja shoes, knows how to roof a house, and can take care of all your tech needs, complete with a little celebration. His personality, work experience, dedication, and the Ben Struble style all come together to add one interesting piece to the Mytech puzzle.

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