Mytech Culture Experience March 2015

As the end of the quarter draws near, I want to review the three values within our pillar of Communication:

  1. Care and share.
  2. Foster a culture of praise.
  3. Communicate directly and openly.

These values can be embodied by individuals or by groups. They can help guide you in your everyday approach to other people, in and out of the office. Sometimes, workplace values are only relevant to the workplace. At Mytech, we take a different approach. We believe that living by Mytech's values will not only make the workplace better, but your life outside of work, too.

This month I want to highlight one of our team members, Belva Burga. Belva is our Corporate Concierge, greeting people when they come to our office, answering calls, scheduling meetings, and organizing staff events. Although she has only been here for about a year, she quickly demonstrated her ability to communicate well. In fact, she was awarded Mytech's "Care and Share" award at our company party in January. This was more than fitting, as she had been the one to plan the party.

"Caring and Sharing" was a crucial part of making Mytech's Annual Banquet the success that it was. Not only did Belva find a fantastic place to host the event, she went way above and beyond to plan a great evening. Belva did her homework – she went around and asked people what they liked and didn't like and she put on the best Annual Banquet Mytech has ever had.

Belva has stepped up and made the Corporate Concierge position look easy. (Trust me, it's not!) I personally want to thank her for all the hard work she does. She is the first face you see as you walk into Mytech, and she does it with such a positive attitude and energy about her that it makes me think she is somewhat of a Jedi Knight doing mind tricks!! (Jury's still out on this.)

Belva is a wonderful asset to our company and we are very lucky to have someone who genuinely cares about others. Her contributions to Mytech are many. THANK YOU BELVA FOR ALL YOU DO!!

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