Mytech Culture Experience June 2015

This month we highlight the cultural pillar of Happiness, specifically our value Embrace Uniqueness. Although there are a lot of articles out there about embracing your uniqueness, I wanted to highlight an individual who given our unique environment, embraces uniqueness in our organization each and every day. That individual would be Nathan Abernathy.

Each and every one of us is unique and special, yes, but I want to highlight Nathan as I feel he's our biggest cheerleader. Nathan takes the lead role with regards to our culture and contributes so much to the happiness of others.

If you take a walk through any of our offices, you really don't sense a "corporate feel" that is due in large to his efforts over the years. We work closely together every day, whether it's accounting and engineers, sales and projects, or the depot and management teams. One enters the realm of uniqueness each and every time we interact with another team member.

It's vitally important that we not only understand the unique nature of other team members (we identify one another by our Make a Difference animal) but that we truly embrace the uniqueness of those around us and work together to solve problems (for us and our customers). No one does that better, in my opinion, than Nathan.

Nathan heads up our culture team, which includes traveling to each of Mytech's locations to help instill the Mytech way (Culture, Vision and Values) into each environment. I wanted to recognize his uniqueness and contribution to making Mytech a happier place to be. Thanks Nate!

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