Mytech Culture Experience January 2016

Many businesses are starting to recognize that with the constant advancement of technology, it is no longer enough for individuals to do their job, employees now need to have the ability to communicate effectively as well. So what are the best ways to communicate? How do we communicate in the workplace with others? Through open and honest communication. Communicating openly and directly lays the foundation for a collaborative and successful work environment. Companies are starting to see the value being honest and direct in the workplace, not just with employees but with clients, vendors, and any other working relationships as well.

Imagine a company in which open and honest communication did not occur and what kind of working environment that would be for you as an employee. Would you be excited to go to work? Would you feel comfortable speaking up if someone proposed a poor idea? How do you feel? Isolated or undervalued? Are you inspired by your work or are you punching a time clock?

Every successful team, either at home or in the workplace, is built on a foundation of trust and integrity. When companies truly encourage open and honest communication, it can be helpful in a variety of ways. First, it increases an employee’s trust in management, thus resulting in higher productivity and bottom line. Additionally, it increases engagement and fosters creativity and collaboration necessary for the relentless changes in technology. Most importantly though, it creates a sense of belonging and respect for yourself, job, and others.

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