Mytech Culture Experience | August 2016

At Mytech we have four Pillars of our culture and this quarter we focus on the Pillar of Accountability. Typically when I think of accountability in the workplace I think of discipline or consequences for underperforming employees, but that is not the goal of employee accountability. Building a culture of accountability encourages everyone to work as a team and makes individuals feel more confident in their work. Mark Samuel says that "accountability means people can count on one another to keep performance commitments and communication agreements" in his book The Accountability Revolution.

There are a few ways that Mytech builds a culture of accountability and one of those ways is adherence to specific cultural values. As part of the accountability pillar we “practice confidence and humility.” Everyone is encouraged to feel confident in their decisions as long as they make them in accordance with our values.

As a member of the managed services team one of the ways we build accountability is by displaying metrics on TVs in the service area. The TVs rotate through individual and team metrics in addition to direct feedback from our clients. Feedback comes in the form of smiling, straight, and frowny faces and is often accompanied by a short description of the feedback. Seeing the metrics allows everyone to have ownership of their goals and shows the quality of their work. The help desk is separated into teams and another benefit of displaying the metrics of each team is a fun competition to see which team can get the best results. If someone receives negative feedback for some work they get to immediately see that and can work to correct the problem. On the other hand everyone loves to see their name on the big screen with a big smiling face next to it indicating great feedback.

According to the US Office of Personnel Management, “positive results occur when employees view accountability programs as helpful and progressive methods of assigning and completing work.” The benefits of accountability include higher quality of work, a healthy team environment, and improved individual performance.

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