Mytech Culture Experience | November 2016

From time to time I notice how Mytech values stretch beyond just the walls of our physical building. As an organization Mytech encourages team members to improve themselves not only professionally, but personally as well. This month’s value is Never Stop Learning, which is definitely one of those values that meets you beyond just the nine to five.

I recently found myself on a mission to make homemade caramel corn. So I did as most people would and Google'd the best caramel corn recipes. If anyone has experience Garret’s caramel corn from Chicago then you know what I was aiming for when I typed the best. If you haven’t tried Garret’s and love popcorn I would highly recommend it. There is a reason why people stand in long lines to get it. After several clicks and reading reviews I settled on the recipe for my first attempt. The final product was okay, but the caramel texture didn’t seem right. On went the search for the next recipe. Attempt two ended up in the trash because the sauce barely covered the popcorn. It was more like popcorn with chunks of caramel rather than caramel corn. At this point I figured I had to be missing something, so I went to my second tool after Google for learning… YouTube. After watching the first video I had my Eureka moment! The secret to the caramel sauce is the reaction that the baking soda makes in the final stage of the process. If done correctly the caramel sauce will double in size when the baking soda is fully incorporated.

With the holiday season quickly approaching I highly recommend trying a batch of homemade caramel corn. Never stop learning, never tasted so sweet!

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