Mytech Culture Experience | December 2016

Companies strive to hire those that can make a difference.  Most hiring managers seek individuals who can be left alone to their own devices, do better than the rest, and work together as a team and change the game for everyone involved.  Employees inspired by leadership and each other are the difference between mediocrity and doing great things.

By definition, mediocrity is anything which is simply average in nature.  Mediocre employees rarely stay long within an organization.  Those who perform their assigned duties in an unremarkable fashion are usually trimmed from the herd.  Identifying employee’s mediocre traits or tendencies is not enough.  Too often managers dwell on those aspects within individuals and never guide and support those employees or teams to do better – or do it ineffectively.

“He was marked out by his relentless ability to find fault with others' mediocrity--suggesting that a certain type of intelligence may be at heart nothing more or less than a superior capacity for dissatisfaction.”  ~ Alain de Botton, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work

It is far better to teach employees to look at one’s own mediocrity first and then make changes or choices to improve oneself.  The ability to look introspectively allows us to gain confidence, take pride in our accomplishment, and yet temper it with humility.  Leaders, managers, and co-workers improving themselves, improve the business.

“Only a mediocre person is always at his best” ~ W. Somerset Maugham

Yet with all the coaching, self-improvement, and soul-searching at the individual level, mediocrity may lurk and shade itself within your organization.  If placed amid average processes and procedures, even the most amazing individual will be just that, average.  It takes a leader with a keen eye for improvement, to not only identify mediocre aspects within the business, but see through the issues, actualize a plan, and then follow through with exceptional results.

This month I would like to recognize 2 Mytech employees, Emily Schwarzkopf and Michael Frascone.  These two make up Mytech’s Process Improvement team.  They epitomize our company’s value, Reject Mediocrity.  They have an uncanny ability to work with customers, employees, and teams, dive into the deep end, and champion improved processes and procedures.  Thus, enabling Mytech to be more than average.  They achieve this through detailed examination of the elements and structures needing improvement, but they don’t do it alone - or on an island.  Michael and Emily lead and welcome the engagement with those who also reject mediocrity.

“Leaders create a conducive environment for followers to accomplish their respective dreams. True leaders never fall for anything inferior!”  ~ Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders' Watchwords

In listening to customers and employees who want something more than average, we allow aspects unique to those teams and individuals to permeate the processes and procedures which make a company great as a whole… not just as individuals.

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