Learn from the Pros at Twin Cities TechPulse 2017

“Cloud” has become one of the most-used buzzwords in technology over the past few years. Are you effectively leveraging your Cloud technology? Are there additional productivity gains or efficiencies you could be gaining from Cloud?

Register now to join us at Twin Cities TechPulse 2017 on April 19th to evaluate your use of the Cloud and learn from the pros. Use code MTPGuest2017 for complimentary registration.

Some of our featured sessions will be presented by local experts from the Microsoft Technology Center. In addition to five topics throughout the day, our morning welcome will include a short presentation from Doug Splinter on Security in the Cloud. Here’s a small snapshot of what you can expect from Microsoft’s presentations.

The Business Value Proposition of the Cloud

Presented by Tim Floyd, Director, Microsoft Technology Center

The cloud offers businesses of all sizes opportunities to transform themselves in many ways. Companies are looking to deliver value by empowering employees, creating new ways to interact with their customers and partners, transforming products and services with digital assets, and streamlining operational processes for greater efficiency. Cloud computing is at the heart of these transformations. In this session, we will explore the business value of moving applications to the cloud, and how cloud technology can help you rapidly and efficiently innovate and transform your business. 


Staying Secure in a Mobile World

Presented by Doug Splinter, Chief Architect, Microsoft Technology Center

The ability to access data and applications from almost anywhere on any devices has been a boon for business users, but it has also exposed companies to new issues and problems with security, risk of data loss, malware, ransomware, and other similar risks. In this session, we will look at the practical steps all businesses should take to assure safe use of mobile technology, and the technologies, tools and practices that can help you mitigate the risks.

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