Mytech Culture Experience | December 2017

It takes more than just an individual to excel in the workplace!

Last week, Mytech hosted our quarterly party where we played Whirlyball and laser tag. If you haven’t heard of Whirlyball, it can be most accurately described as hockey, lacrosse, basketball, and bumper cars all in one. To put it mildly, it is a whirlwind of fun!  All 30 of those who attended laughed consistently throughout the entire two hour event.

Our planning of the event was intentional in the way that all of Mytech’s “family” was invited. Every Mytechnician was invited to come on their own, or come with their families. This goes with the holiday season of giving we’re in right now, but more importantly, it’s a theme throughout the year at this company. There’s more to keeping employees engaged and happy than solely focusing on them. Each of us has a support system, whether it be friends, families, or significant others. I’ve been explicitly told by members of our leadership team how important it is that we support those relationships as much as we support those between Mytechnicians.

Perhaps this is a privilege among smaller to medium sized businesses. It’s easier to provide a business-wide, personal touch with 70 employees rather than 1,000 employees.  However, that’s not an excuse to stop trying. Each day, and with each planned event, I see support at all levels to invest in each other. This daily investment has a two-fold result that I fear some businesses are missing out on. The first being employee satisfaction, but that only keeps employees engaged while they’re at work. The second part is making that employee’s support system feel welcomed by Mytech. It takes more than just an individual to excel in the workplace. This type of support starts with a positive company culture, and anyone here would be happy to provide insight if asked.

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