Communicate Openly & Directly

Communicate Openly & Directly

April 5, 2018

Communication tends to be one of the most important skills in the business world today – as effective communication is the fuel to growth for businesses in both their internal and external environments. The ability to communicate with confidence and levity can facilitate successful engagements between sales and their prospects, between recruiters and potential employees, and between leadership and the employees that carry out their visions through each interaction with every customer.

Here at Mytech, one of our core values that drives our culture is to “communicate openly and directly” with not only each other, but our customers as well. We have found that a focus on this value drives collaboration between departments and helps to connect the dots when thinking outside the box to solve a problem for a client, or collaborate to accomplish a task and move it through our defined process. The more we are able to embrace communication – the better we can be at serving our clients and helping each other find solutions – ultimately improving efficiency internally and providing a better end-user experience. This value is even included when we evaluate ourselves in terms of performance – where we ask ourselves if we are consistently communicating openly and directly- and helps us to stay aligned with the true purpose of focusing on this value.

Have you ever found yourself in a meeting where everyone is talking a lot but nothing seems to be actually happening?

An example of this is in our recent culture town hall meetings we held internally – where we all came together as a company to communicate openly on what we felt was working and what we felt needed to change. The result of this was a huge focus on our customer-centric initiatives – and the ability to evaluate ourselves objectively in terms of how we can implement new initiatives to support this focus.

Some companies are even moving to have a mobile workforce – which relies heavily on communication to drive business decisions. Have you ever found yourself in a meeting where everyone is talking a lot but nothing seems to be actually happening? This can be due to a lack of direct, open communication. What are we trying to accomplish, and why? This leads to the answering the most important question – how do we do it? With a strong focus on being open and direct in our communication, we can eliminate the meetings that talk around a topic instead of addressing it head on – and actually determine a resolution.

Jan Koum, the CEO of WhatsApp (a hugely popular, billion-dollar texting application for mobile phones) recently said “Communication is at the very core of our society. That’s what makes us human.” At Mytech, effective communication is also at the core of our culture – and this is what allows us to thrive.

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