Cybersecurity Fire Drills: Incident Response Plans

Cybersecurity Fire Drills: Incident Response Plans

September 13, 2022

Nobody wants to plan for the worst-case scenario…but you really don’t want to be in that scenario someday without a plan! The same is true for your technology: every organization needs an Incident Response Plan (IRP) in case of digital disaster, whether accidental or malicious. And if you do find yourself needing it someday, you want the steps to be as simple and natural as possible. Start thinking about that plan today, so you’ll be empowered to act decisively if the need ever arises.

Learn about:

  • Understanding an Incident Response Plan (IRP)
  • Assessing your risk for cybersecurity & productivity
  • Training team members on incident recognition & reporting
  • How cyber insurance & regulated industries interact with an IRP

In this crucial session we demonstrate the absolute necessity for an IRP, and how you can start the process of drafting your own. Learn how you can plan for the future with confidence and awareness.

Here is a link to the presentation slide deck


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