Embrace Uniqueness

Embrace Uniqueness

May 2, 2018

Each of us is different and are meant to be! Like how each puzzle piece ties into another that has a different design and shape to it, each of us at Mytech embrace our jobs, our values, and our working styles and work culture uniquely!

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

At some point in our lives, haven’t we all felt that we don’t fit in? It’s natural because we are wired differently and respond/react to each situation in ways that may contrast someone else’s. While trying to fit in, if we end up suppressing our true selves, we don’t shine because we have lost our true identity, and the world loses out on our unique talents and personalities.

Mytech embraces uniqueness and that’s why we have so much focus on ‘Make a difference’ which shows us our primary characteristics similar to our animals - lion, monkey, camel or a turtle.

I am often amazed when I find some of my colleagues who are usually demure and shy bring out the lions in them and show passion for something they truly believe in. On the same thought, I love it when I see some colleagues that live the fun-loving monkey characteristics who can diffuse tension in a room and lighten tough moments and alter the course of decisions thereby averting strong exchange of words!

Now is the time to not only embrace uniqueness but also to honor it and celebrate it! Each of us wants to learn, grow, make a difference and follow our passions! Our customers sure are to pick up on those vibes.

There’s a place for everyone and certainly for each unique ‘You’ here at Mytech!



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