The Future of Immersive Technology

The Future of Immersive Technology

June 1, 2016

With new types of media comes advances in the technology that create and consume it. This technology will soon enter all offices: Intel is working on even faster processors and several companies are investing in developing augmented reality.

Intel’s new processors are being branded as the “Extreme Edition” with gaming, virtual reality, and 3D in mind. These processors are built to handle processing intense workloads and large files faster. Read more about the processors here.

Augmented reality displays holograms on top of the environment you are in (not to be confused with virtual reality, which completely immerses you in a different world). This technology, being developed by many companies including Microsoft and Intel, will allow users to interact with the objects being displayed. One company, Meta, hopes to one day replace computer screens with holograms and that their headsets will be used for practical purposes, like training simulations. Read more about the science behind Meta’s augmented reality here.

How long do you think it will take for immersive technology to become a part of your company?

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