Mytech Culture Experience | Go Above and Beyond to “Care and Share.”

August 2, 2017

As we start the month of August and get a little closer to the “State Fair” and “Back to School”, I would like to bring to attention the value of “Care and Share.”  We are all faced with a busy time as summer winds down.  Thoughts of spending time with family and getting the kids ready for the first day of school come to the forefront.

Despite the busy days we all face, each and every day when I arrive at the office, I always get a warm greeting and friendly hello from our awesome front desk receptionist, Jackie. It is always such a great feeling starting my day off with a warm hello. 

I then proceed to make my way into the office and every day I am greeted with a friendly “Good Morning” as I pass by my co-workers to get to my desk, which makes my day even that much better and exciting to be a part of the Mytech Culture.

I have never been so happy as I am right now to be a part of a great company with people that go above and beyond to “Care and Share.” Everyone shares their day and their lives. It makes getting up for work and coming into the office that much better!

Growing up in a Christian school environment, I was often taught to care and share with the people in my life each day.  For an organization to be successful and productive it is important to provide a great example to our customers and the people around us as to what our culture is about and what makes us different from the others. 

We are a company that cares about one another.   No matter what kind of day it is, we are always working toward the value of “Care and Share” to make the most out of each day and give all that we can to provide the best IT experience in North America.

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