Mytech Culture Experience | Praise Away

September 6, 2017

As companies constantly rethink their rewards and recognition strategies due to the new wave of people joining and leaving jobs much more & faster than before, it is imperative that we understand what does ‘Foster a culture of praise’ mean? In Mytech, this being one of the values brings a wealth of hidden talent, behaviors, professionalism and a commitment to the fore when people are praised and valued.

Saying “You did a great job” is better than saying nothing but even better than that would be to be more specific about what the person did wonderfully well. Like saying “You gave us regular, precise and timely updates that helped in achieving our goal” or “I liked the way you guided the conversation to get both sides to agree rather than force your decision on both of them making them feel like victims” or “You pooled in when we were scarce in resources adding more hands to the deck to get the job done". This feels more genuine and it brings small details privy about the person to the center.

The initiative of Hertz Donuts cards to our peers is a very strong yet simplistic way to value not only the person but his / her behavior and work ethic. Man being a social animal craves for attention and recognition. Timely rewarding and positive reinforcements have made people feel valued at work and their contributions count toward the success of the company.

The Annual Rewards and Recognition that focusses on exhibiting work that fostered the company values is a very humane approach to install values and reward people rather than rewarding milestones, profits and less meaningful events.

You never know a person’s journey and small words of praise could go a long way in motivating people in performing better. It’s always the little things that matter and coming from peers rather than managers are a sure shot method to relive every day citing’s of relevant and noteworthy things. Research has shown that when we help others and acknowledge differences, we also are subconsciously sprinkling some sparkle on our colleagues to shine further.

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