Make IT EaaSy!

Make IT EaaSy!

June 21, 2017


Isn’t that what we all want for our organizations – for IT to be EaaSy (or easy)?  We hear statements from small & medium businesses, and non-profit organizations, such as: ‘We need to be in the cloud.’ or ‘When should we go to the cloud?’ as well as ‘I just want IT to work.’  The promise of IT is that it SHOULD make everyone more productive, make our jobs easier, and enable us to focus on higher value activities.  Whether you are in ‘the cloud’ today and/or you just want to Make IT EaaSy, this session is for you – we will discuss:  

-       Why the ‘Cloud’ works 

-       How your business should leverage the cloud differently

-       Top 10 Best Practices for infrastructure you may still need

-       Financial Conflict between Cap Ex & Op Ex – be ready for the shift


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