Measure & Manage Security Behavior with your SecureWorker™ Score

Measure & Manage Security Behavior with your SecureWorker™ Score

March 22, 2018

More than just a report, your SecureWorker™ Score provides information to help measure and manage the security behavior of your team. The reality of security is that poor security behavior can bypass great security controls, and leave your organization at greater risk.  As a leader in your organization, what information do you have to provide insight to your staff’s security related activity, and help you coach your team on good security behavior? 


Security Behavior is not a technology problem, it is a personnel one.


In business, what gets measured, gets managed.  Since security behavior is such a critical factor in protecting your organization, until now, there was no way to gauge the balance of quality security controls, with the security related behavior of your team. The important difference between the SecureWorker™ Score and other reports from IT service providers (including Mytech), is that the SecureWorker™ Score is focused on your team, and people, not your firewalls and servers. 


The SecureWorker™ Score was designed to Empower you as a leader to help Protect your team.


The management of servers, SPAM filters, and firewalls only require working with systems and tools, which for the most part can be scheduled, and automated. As a leader you have always known that people utilize technology to be productive, however being aware of and managing your team relative to specific security behavior is a new challenge. This challenge cannot exclusively be done with systems and tools – that is only part of the equation.  In order to work toward solving this problem, we believe that you, our client, need a solution to deliver proper security controls, AND information to help you manage and coach your team. One part without the other only addresses half of the problem.

The SecureWorker™ program is designed to Empower, Protect, and Recover your team, AND with the SecureWorker™ Score, we hope to Empower YOU to help Protect them too.

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