Wireless Explosion - Three Things You Need To Know

Many organizations see the writing on the wall — wireless networking is overtaking conventional wired, letting them do more than ever before. Mobility is now the norm. People expect to connect without wires. Organizations depend on it. When your wireless network as reliable as wired - workflow accelerates. When your wireless solution is designed to handle critical applications flawlessly - productivity improves. And when you can deliver rich-media streaming wirelessly, in super dense user environments, satisfaction rises. Wireless isn't a "nice-to-have" anymore.

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets in the consumer space is quickly working its way into corporate networks. More and more users are expecting to be able to use their mobile devices at work. Business is working wireless into operations objectives to help increase productivity. Supporting the influx of mobile devices presents a challenge for IT—but also a huge opportunity.

This means re-engineering the network infrastructure to account for client densities and diversity at numbers never previously expected. Done right, it's a strategic IT infrastructure advantage that fuels your organization.

In this presentation we address the very real issues facing businesses today regarding wireless by covering the following topics:

  • Key Trends: challenges faced by 802.11 networks
  • Evolution of Wi-Fi: architecture designs for performance, capacity, reliability and resiliency
  • Impact on Business: managing user demands to your network due to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
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