Windows 8 Preview

Join Mytech for a discussion around Windows 8 and the new "Metro" interface. The success of Windows 7 has led to great excitement about Microsoft Windows 8, which will feature some of the most eye-catching changes ever in the history of Windows. Come learn about the rich new user interface (called “Metro”), the great new features, and the cool hardware that Windows 8 will support…and start learning how you’ll use Windows 8 in your own organization.

Here are some of the topics we discuss:

  • When is the Windows 8 release Date
  • What is different in Windows 8
  • What should you be planning for Windows 8 in your organization
  • New hardware platforms supported by Windows 8

Join Mytech's Managed Services Engineer Jeff Funk as we discuss the new Windows 8 interface and what you should be aware of relative to your business.

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