The Four Reasons You Should Manage Your Firewall

Gain thousands of dollars of productivity back annually! A corporate firewall which we call a Network Security Appliance has amazing capability to protect your staff from malicious content, and the ability to ensure that business critical Internet traffic is prioritized over non-critical traffic (such as and simply enforce that the Internet is used as a productivity tool as opposed to a distracting, time wasting opportunity (such as gaming, fantasy football etc.). In this September edition of Mytech U we discussed the benefits relative to the four reasons you should manage your corporate firewall.

  • Critical to Blocking Malware/Viruses
  • Automatic Backup of Firewall Configuration
  • PCI Compliance Requires Active Management
  • Incredible Productivity Tool – Reporting on Internet Usage

We will work to uncover some of the mystery behind that box in the closet that most people do not understand - your network firewall.

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