Get More Out of Your IT Department

Are you a CFO, VP of Operations or just the person in charge of the IT Department in your organization? Or maybe you are one of the technical staff part of an IT Department that is feeling stressed about being able to take a day off?  This discussion is for you.  Mytech has learned over the years many of the frustrations mid-sized organizations have regarding non-technical people responsible for managing technical people, as well as the challenges to be efficient with the budget you have.  Mytech discusses several different components of how we can help you Get More out of Your IT Department:

  1. Ticketing, Workflow, Escalation and Automation
  2. Vacation, Sick Day Coverage for your Team
  3. Integrated Management tools for: Alerting, Patching, AV & 3rd Party Software Updates
  4. Asset Management, Software Licensing Reports and Budgeting
  5. Improve the End User Experience with e-Learning, Ticket Visibility and Routing, Self Help options etc.
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