Security Patching - Why Set It and Forget It Does NOT Work

One of the most basic services that Mytech provides is to ensure that all Microsoft Operating Systems are updated or “patched” on a regular basis. For most, this seems like a simple thing – Microsoft does that automatically right? – well, kind of, but not really. The world of technology, software systems, work schedules and all of the other variables that exist create an environment where “set-it-and-forget-it” patching does not work. We discuss the following components and more:

  • What does patching mean?
  • What impact this has or can have on your business. 
  • Why you should understand how your provider executes on this critical function.

We cover how the Mytech NOC handles all the complexities related to patching and how we leverage technology to execute these tasks across thousands of devices and variables associated with Windows Operating Systems.

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