A Guide to Infrastructure Stability and Supportability

There are thousands of choices available when it comes to technology options for your business – how do you know what will work and what could turn out to be a poor investment? Then there is the trepidation surrounding the reality of investing in technology today, which you know is going to change tomorrow. All of these variables amount to confusion and lack of confidence in the necessary technology investments we need to make that will contribute to a stable environment and supportable infrastructure for our respective organizations. In this session we work to clear up some of the confusion by discussing the Mytech Blue Standard which is a guide to key technology variables that we know contribute to more stable, reliable and supportable network infrastructure.

We discuss the following and more:

  • Basic rules for Hardware Lifecycle Management
  • The $250 card that makes all the difference in the event of a power outage
  • Inexpensive ways to build redundancy for critical functions
  • Why Backup does not matter – it’s the RECOVERY that is critical

Additionally, we provide a brief guide to all attendees that provides a summary of the Mytech Blue Standard.

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