Why IT Support Causes Frustration – and how we can work together to change that

Removing the frustration from IT support is a multi-faceted challenge that involves more than just the leadership of an organization. To improve the IT Experience for your company, we have to collaboratively reach and impact everyone in your organization that utilizes technology. Mytech’s Vision is “To provide the best IT experience in North America” and we know that our ability to deliver on our vision is through collaboration and by creating a unique experience for each customer AND listening to the feedback of your team.

In this session we discuss Why IT Support Causes Frustration and how the Mytech HELP Center and our Customer Happiness feedback can help reduce or eliminate common IT support frustration. We cover:

  • Help – how can we make it easy to communicate when asking for Help from IT Support
  • Experience – how we can customize the experience for your team
  • Learning – We can provide educational documents and links for your staff to reference
  • Portal – All of this through a secure application.

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