Office 365 & Proofpoint - Better Together!

Now is the time to consider moving to Office 365 – especially for those organizations who are using the McAfee SPAM filtering solutions that are being turned off come January of 2017. Email is such a critical operational tool for organizations and having ANY disruption can be frustrating for your team – this is why if you have been considering Office 365, but haven’t made the transition, take another look! In this session we cover: 

  • Review of O365 current plans & pricing
  • Share our experience with how we see companies leveraging O365
  • Proofpoint O365 integration for a seamless email experience
  • Bonus Mobility Apps associated with these solutions 

Instead of disrupting your email solution TWICE, we can work to minimize any frustration, and only make an email communications change ONCE. See how now could be the right time to make the change to Office 365 & Proofpoint – the better together solution for your email communication needs.

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