Update Evolution: A Partnership for Solving an Unsolvable Problem

The process of getting a software update applied to your computer is straightforward, yet remains one of the primary challenges for IT departments across the country. In almost every case, business systems that are compromised by hackers or ransomware are exploiting known vulnerabilities which hadn’t yet been patched by IT. When that happens the big companies make the news. The smaller companies close their doors. As a non-technical business manager, what should you do?

James Motz discusses how to partner with your IT Administrators to protect your business. We cover the basics about how updates are typically installed in a business environment, and why you should understand this process. We also point you to the right questions to ask, and the level of communication you should expect. By becoming an active and knowledgeable partner in the update process, you can significantly reduce your business risk while minimizing the impact to your users’ productivity.

This session is an encore performance from one of the TechPulse 2016 breakout sessions and is led by James Motz, Mytech’s Network Operations Center (NOC) Manager.

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