How do you measure value from your vendors?

In this session we are going to cover what you can and should expect from vendors to help understand what value you are receiving – we are going to facilitate this discussion by illustrating Mytech’s new Executive Summary reporting we deliver to our customers.  We will discuss what feedback we have received from our customers to design the current reporting as well as the road map for future transparency, reporting and dashboards.  Key items will also include:

  • Why legacy speed and feed reporting no longer meets the needs of today’s small business
  • What you should expect fromyour IT Service provider (and other vendors) and how to use the information to manage your business and your vendor relationship
  • How you can drive reporting and key performance indicators (KPI’s) measurements into your organization
  • Opportunity for you to tell US what information YOU would like to see for Mytech to provide transparency to YOU our customer or future customer
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