December 2017 How to achieve Uptime & Availability

Productivity is one of the key variables that all organizations strive to optimize. While there are many areas where organizations can invest to enhance productivity, if the primary tools enabling productivity are rendered useless because of a hardware or service failure, everything else built upon that foundation suffers. In December we wrap up our fourth quarter focus on redundancy and recovery by bringing attention to the organizational productivity benefits they provide. In this session we are going to cover the Mytech Best Practices Value Map recommendations that provide a solid productivity foundation and enable your technology to weather nearly any storm. Redundancy and recovery provide no financial or productivity benefit until you use them. Some key points we will cover are: How your organization will derive 4x more productivity and value from your technology by mitigating against common problems such as hardware/service failures Simple, low cost investments that enable resiliency for Internet & Email Common details that are overlooked when it comes to recovery

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