Panel Discussion - How & Why, Redundancy & Recovery Decisions

Panel Discussion - How & Why, Redundancy & Recovery Decisions

November 15, 2017


As our first quarterly panel discussion, we’ve invited several panelists that are involved in making the decisions regarding the investments their organizations choose to make in the areas of redundancy and recovery. During this interactive webinar, professionals from a wide range of industries and backgrounds will share their personal experiences, both the good and the bad, in the hopes that we can all learn from each other’s wins and losses.   However, to paraphrase Nelson Mandela, “We never lose… we either win or we learn”.

Some key points we will cover are:

  • Primary concerns regarding employee productivity
  • Downtime experiences that have influenced your their perspective
  • Key risks and issues that their organizations have to address/mitigate 

Panelists Include:

  • Joe Kuter - IT Manager  at Intrex Aerospace
  • Robert Jacoby - Information Technology Manager at Pohlad Companies
  • Joel Swanson - Professional EOS Implementer, Swanson Insight   

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