Mytech Wins Best Technical Expert From SolarWinds Again

Mytech Wins Best Technical Expert From SolarWinds Again

October 26, 2020

This month Mytech Partners received top recognition from SolarWinds, one of our closest partners! SolarWinds provides IT management & infrastructure tools across the globe, so we are very excited to be selected from over 10,000 other MSPs as a Best Technical Expert 2020 in North America, for Remote Monitoring and Management.

These monitoring & management tools are an essential part of our managed and co-managed services, and we develop innovative and advanced uses for them every day, to better serve our clients. We're thrilled to be recognized for those achievements now!

To quote James Motz, our Information Security Assessor:

“Providing the Best IT Experience in North America is Mytech’s vision, and to do that, we have to be masters of our technology. Recognition of our technical chops, from one of the biggest players in our industry, is a clear expression of faith in that vision. We are deeply grateful to receive this award two years in a row, and for our ever-maturing relationship with industry leaders like SolarWinds.” 

In addition to winning this same award last year, Mytech has also received awards from SolarWinds for both its automation and backup services. In an ever-changing industry, we're proud to be recognized for our commitment to growth, innovation, and adaptive solutions to the changing IT landscape. And we're even more excited to face the further changes to come! 

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