Optimizing Navigation in SharePoint | Organize & Connect Sites

Optimizing Navigation in SharePoint | Organize & Connect Sites

July 12, 2022

Creating a SharePoint communication site is just the beginning. It doesn’t matter how many fantastic resources and content pieces you host on your communication site: if your team members can’t find that content easily, it might as well not exist! By carefully designing the navigation and access hierarchy of your sites, you can ensure that team members only see the resources they want and need – and offer a clear, accessible space for your organization’s communications.

Learn about:

  • Planning communication site layout for ease of staff use
  • Structuring hub sites to intuitively guide users to resources
  • Establishing access guidelines to avoid unnecessary clutter
  • Soliciting constructive feedback to ensure the site meets staff needs

In this follow-up session, we show how to optimize your team’s search for your organization’s important information. Spend less time searching for what you need, and more time using it to fulfill your goals.

Here is a link to the presentation


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