Rethink Document Storage | Find Files Quickly with SharePoint

Rethink Document Storage | Find Files Quickly with SharePoint

August 11, 2021

Maybe you’ve considered moving your file server to SharePoint, but aren’t seeing the value of migrating the same mess from your current server into the cloud. However, SharePoint doesn’t just replicate your old server: it provides an opportunity to completely restructure how you store and organize your documents. With intentional planning, you can set up your SharePoint experience proactively to make file storage cleaner, easier to navigate, and more secure.

During this session, we demonstrate the fundamental differences between SharePoint and traditional file servers, and how you can use those differences to better organize and structure your files. Learn about:

  • Structuring SharePoint Lists to streamline your document storage experience
  • Building an intuitive file structure to amplify your organization’s work
  • Filtering to search an entire file library quickly and easily
  • Using metadata to avoid endless redundant subfolders

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