Return to Productivity with a Disaster Recovery Plan

Return to Productivity with a Disaster Recovery Plan

March 1, 2017

Disasters can come from all directions: from the employee that accidentally deletes a file off the server to a failed server, and from a ransomware attack that locks down all your files to a snow storm that cuts power to your office. Do you have a plan in place to return to productivity and minimize the cost of downtime in the event of different types of disasters?

Recovery from most disasters starts with having a good Backup Solution. As all Mytech customers know, we design our backup solutions for recovery – without the ability to recover, a backup solution is just taking up space. In addition, it’s important to identify the applications that will cost your business the most when they’re down. Maybe it’s your email, your ERP, or your accounting software. If you group all applications and tasks into Critical, Less Critical, and Not Critical categories, you (or your service provider) will be able to focus attention on the Critical applications that should allow your biggest downtime cost centers to begin operating again – maybe not to the same level as when all systems are running smoothly, but at least reducing downtime costs.

Other continuity and redundancy solutions may also be important to implement, depending on your individual business needs. Mytech is prepared to have these discussions with you and to design a disaster recovery plan that fits your needs.


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