SecureWorker™ Why Opt-Out vs. Opt-In?

SecureWorker™ Why Opt-Out vs. Opt-In?

March 13, 2018

Price.  There, we said it. 

SecureWorker™ at $15 per user, is at least 3x less than what you would pay to source the Empower, Protect, and Recover solutions on your own.  The SecureWorker™ program also includes Mytech fully managing the individual components, and providing support to your team.  Sourcing the solutions separately would cost more, not be managed, and support for the solution may or may not be available. 

For our new clients, the SecureWorker™ suite will be included as part of our management program.  We understand that for you, our existing client, this is a change.  We are working hard to demonstrate the productivity and investment value through the 60 day trial, individual company SecureWorker™ Score reports, and the information we have shared online at Why SecureWorker™

In the first 30 days, through proactively deploying the SecureWorker™ program, we have:

  • Stopped two Ransomware attacks that got past legacy security
  • Recovered critical data from an individual computer whose hard drive crashed
  • 79% of companies had at least 1 person click the simulated phishing email – it only takes one to breach security.
    • On average 12% of people (1 in 8) clicked on the simulated phishing email
  • Blocked 144,000 website requests to known malicious sites
  • Backed Up 11,684,863 files on individual computers

These are just some of the results that illustrate how the SecureWorker™ solution provides your organization with an enhanced level of protection, supplementing the current security services you are receiving from Mytech.  Choosing to opt-out will not degrade your current services, however this information reinforces how historical/legacy methods of security are no longer sufficient to block current threats. In the last 10 years, our organizations have evolved to adopt more cloud solutions, and increased your staff mobility.  The Internet world is seeing a corresponding increase to the volume, frequency, and complexity of threats to which you are being exposed. 


Identifying a problem without a solution is just a scare tactic.



Your expectation of Mytech, as your trusted IT partner, is to keep your company, people, and data safe and operational. We believe that the best way to show the need for the SecureWorker™ solution is to create awareness of the problem AND deliver the solution at the same time.  Mytech chose to provide SecureWorker™ as a 60 day trial with Opt-Out vs. Opt-In because we believe:

  • You, our client, deserve the best price for this comprehensive program
  • You want peace of mind with a solution that works, not security scare tactics
  • You expect Mytech to be proactive on your behalf, and we have seen how you can no longer be fully protected from the threats of today, with the security tactics of yesterday

Together, we must work harder to keep your team Protected and Empowered.


SecureWorker™ Opt-Out

This free trial of SecureWorker™ will automatically be converted, and added to your existing managed services agreement on April 1st, 2018.  If you wish to discontinue the program, you must complete the online Opt-Out Form no later than March 30th, 2018. 


SecureWorker™ Plus Opt-In

Mytech will deploy the SecureWorker™+ solution at no cost to your organization (approximately a $2500.00 value), if you opt-in to this program before March 30th 2018.  Please let Mytech know if you would like to discuss the additional capabilities delivered by Mytech’s SecureWorker™+ program.    


Thank you for your time. For more information, or to see previous communications about the SecureWorker™ program, please check out Why SecureWorker™

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