SUPERVALUE announces intrusion and potential breach of data

SUBTITLE: Security News
ACTION: Ensure Windows Updates Enabled

SUPERVALU announced on Thursday (7/14/2014) that it experienced a criminal intrusion into its payment card transaction network.  The intrusion may have resulted in the theft of account numbers, expiration date, and cardholder’s names.  The intrusion was identified by an internal team and quickly contained.  Third-party data experts are assisting in determining the scope of the incident.

SUPERVALU believes that the payment cards from which such cardholder data may have been stolen were used between June 22 through July 17 2014, at some of the 180 SUPERVALU stores and stand-alone liquor stores.  SUPERVALU has published a list of stores that may have been affected on their website.

What is good to hear is that although there is no evidence that data was actually stolen, SUPERVALU is notifying customers of the intrusion as a precautionary stance.  This announcement is a huge step in the right direction for mitigating the value and use of any data that may have taken as part of the intrusion.

Further information and notices can be found on the SUPERVALU website.

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