Mytech Culture Experience | Strengths, Weaknesses, & Acceptance

June 7, 2017

With Summer taking full stride, I want to bring the value “Create Fun and a Little Weirdness” to the forefront of June. Every day I see the demeanor at Mytech change with the weather and all that comes with it. So much of moving any organization forward comes from productivity and metrics that lead us along a path of growth and prosperity. I believe much of Mytech’s productivity comes in part from the uniqueness of its employees, a uniqueness that naturally shines through when Summer comes.

Not every day can be affected by the administrative initiatives that foster a positive culture experience. Building the day-to-day culture comes from unique individuals who are willing to embrace our culture with their own twist. For me, the most entertaining moments come from my colleagues who have children.

“You’re only as old as your youngest child.”

This is something I heard often growing up, and it is why I start to hear more from parents in the office when June rolls around. As kids leave school and start Summer vacation, they get to spend more time at home and in turn, bring their creativity and their stories to Mytech through their parents. Whether it’s practicing art on an expensive sofa or showing up in a Skype conference webinar, children at Mytech bring fun and more than a little weirdness to the office on a daily basis.

For an organization to be more productive, it has to foster a culture that embraces each individual and each unique characteristic. It’s a step too far to ask someone to share their uniqueness every day. Not everyone is comfortable with stealing the spotlight, some quirks are shy. However, when you create an environment where each person can feel comfortable still being themselves in a professional environment, you have a happier, more confident workforce. It allows each person in an organization to show their strengths – and their weaknesses – and find acceptance. How to do that changes with each organization. We’re still finding new ways to accomplish this every day, but working toward this value of “Create Fun and a Little Weirdness” has been a strong start.

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