Take Back Your Cloud Environment! | Cleaning Up SharePoint Sprawl

Take Back Your Cloud Environment! | Cleaning Up SharePoint Sprawl

August 16, 2022

The remote and hybrid transitions of the past few years have left structural chaos in their wake. Do you know how many private channels there are in your Microsoft Teams environment? How many barely-used structures in your cloud storage? Can your team members ever find what they’re looking for in this mess? If these questions make you nervous, good news! You can reduce that digital sprawl – making your team more productive and confident with your cloud environment in the process!

Learn about:

  • Eliminating unused cloud environments to improve infrastructure health and navigation
  • Consolidating splintered channels and sites using data-driven analysis
  • Archiving legacy resources safely to keep your team focused on what’s ahead
  • Establishing permissions and settings to curtail future sprawl

In this empowering session, we walk through how you can take back ownership of your cloud infrastructure, improve your team members’ navigation experiences, and move forward confidently with a plan for your cloud environment.

Here is a link to the presentation and followup documents


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