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Microsoft Teams Rooms | Schedule A Demo | Mytech Partners

June 15, 2021

Even as many people return to the office, remote work is here to stay. How can you ensure orderly meetings when your team is both spread out and clustered together in the office? How do you ensure everyone can understand & be understood when your in-office team members are sharing a microphone and camera?

During this session we explore the different pitfalls of hybrid meetings, and how you can solve or mitigate each of using Microsoft Teams Rooms. We demonstrate:

  • How to join a Teams meeting from a meeting room
  • Share a whiteboard session with remote team members
  • Tips & tricks for navigating Teams Rooms

Learn about the latest innovations in teleconferencing software like Microsoft Teams, and how the addition of a single smart speaker or upgraded conference room camera can improve how you hold meetings as everything – once again – changes.

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