Telehealth with Microsoft Teams | Remote Health Advice

Telehealth with Microsoft Teams | Remote Health Advice

June 1, 2021

Last year, healthcare providers across the country adjusted quickly to maintain face-to-face interactions and critical healthcare services, even in the midst of shutdowns. Often, ad hoc telehealth solutions kept providers in front of the people they needed to serve, but many of those solutions aren’t feasible long-term. As telehealth becomes more and more common, what can you do to solidify, streamline, and improve your remote appointments? 

During this medical-focused session, we discuss the experiences of our medical clients in the past year – what worked for them, what didn’t, and what they’ve learned to prepare for the next set of changes. Learn more about telehealth solutions, including:  

  • Ways to conduct telehealth sessions with Teams, including video calls & dial-in for family members 
  • Tips to help your patients use telehealth solutions easily and effectively  
  • The benefits of Microsoft Teams vs. other video telehealth solutions 

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