Virtual Ettiquette | Best Practices For Hybrid Meetings

Virtual Ettiquette | Best Practices For Hybrid Meetings

February 15, 2022

It’s been almost two years since virtual & hybrid meetings became commonplace overnight – but despite the old saying, practice does not always make perfect. Now that the hybrid workforce era is here, it’s time to evaluate all those virtual meeting habits you’ve developed, and make sure you’re putting out the best impression on every call.

Learn about:
  • Scheduling meetings and time management
  • Best practices for hybrid meetings & chat usage
  • Curating your virtual meeting space
  • Optimizing configurations to minimize disruption
  • Evaluating and procuring equipment to fit your needs

In this informational session, we go through all the DOs and DON’Ts of hybrid meetings, including some cases you may not have considered! Learn how to make a great impression and enable productive team interaction – wherever your people are working today.

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