What's Coming and How to Prepare | Mytech's 2022 IT Forecast

What's Coming and How to Prepare | Mytech's 2022 IT Forecast

October 13, 2021

Modern IT is constantly changing: every year brings new standards and threats. The sooner you start preparing for what’s on the horizon, the less likely it is to disrupt your team’s important work – and now is the time to start thinking about 2022. No matter your organization’s size, the first step is always the same: figure out what’s coming and what those changes will mean for you. Learn more about:

  • Hybrid workforce productivity and Microsoft 365 changes
  • Teleconferencing options like Teams Rooms that seamlessly blend in-person and virtual meetings
  • New security standards for cyber-insurance, like MFA and MDR/EDR
  • New administrative security approaches, from Information Security Assessments to Incident Response Plans

Get insights on new security standards and productivity innovations, and learn how you can augment your current setup – in both big and small ways – to manage the disruptions that IT changes always bring.



For more information check out www.mytech.com/forecast-2022



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